Floral Courses

Come join the classes that are hosted by our very own experienced principal Ms. Eunice Teo AIFD, Certified Floral Evaluator Judge (American Institute of Floral Designers) and be a certified floral designer

She is on YouTube @ Practical Floristry (10 series) by The Star Online.

She received her Professional training, Mastery of floral teaching skill and Competence Management from masters of Japan, Germany, Belgium, Spain, UK, USA & Thailand.

Certified in teaching the art of Ikebana.

Amtrol Flower Designing has been training floral hobbyist, florist, floral designers to floral competitions winners since 1994.

Awarded in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Malaysia and highly commented in Japan International Trade Show

In 2014, she has been examined by the board of examiners of AIFD in Chicago & certified as a Certified Floral Evaluator Judge who is the first in Malaysia & South East Asia.

Her work is highly regarded by the industry and often invited to present workshop or hands-on session in different countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan & Qatar.

Also decorated big weddings at beaches, resorts, ballrooms in International hotel in numerous countries.

She is constantly updating the latest techniques & designs in the syllabus that we offer.


Our Courses

All courses will be taught by Ms. Eunice Teo, AIFD, PFDE with her assistances.

Leisure Course


  • For flower lovers with interest to learn how to work with flowers.
  • Knowledge of basic flowers care.
  • Fundamental / Classic Arrangement.
  • Touching all aspect of arrangement including hand bouquet, corsages, bridal bouquet & artificial flower arrangement at basic level.
  • Lessons include all materials to be taken home to enjoy.
  • Certificate of completion.

Florist Course


(2 payments in 2 months) 

  • For enthusiast who wants to go further materializing the "Flower Business Dream".
  • Course starts from the very basic of flower care and all the way to be ready for business.
  • Developing the creativity in you thru the lessons, practical for commercial with artistic approach from wedding, funeral, graduation, hospitalization, interior deco, baby birth, hamper wrapping and festive.
  • All material inclusive except the gift wrapping contents.
  • All vases & materials will be yours to bring home.
  • Learning on job is provided for events and weddings.
  • Costing and supplier list will be provided including some knowledge of marketing.
  • Not more than 5 pax in a class.
  • Each session two lessons. (Total 60 lessons).
  • Duration 1 year (outstation or oversea students can separate the classes in a few trips.
  • Certificate by Certified  Floral Evaluator Judge will be given after test.

Designer Course


  • Developing from fundamental to creating your own individual style with emotion through principles and elements of design.
  • High style And Non-commercia
  • All material inclusive.
  • All vases & materials will be yours to bring home.
  • Total 40 lessons.
  • Duration 8 months (outstation or oversea students can separate the classes in a few trips.
  • Certificate by Certified Floral Evaluator Judge will be given after test.



Q: Why is it important to learn from a trained professional?

A: it is important to learn from a trained professional because they are able to pass on their years of knowledge and experience and you will earn on-the-job experience as well as learn quicker and more efficient techniques. Having a teacher is beneficial as they can spot your mistakes and give constructive correction. 



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